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J.-St.Co. O Plus K - Centre for Practical Geoecology (CPG) started in 1989 and is known on the environmental services market as a J.-St.Co. since January, 1993.

CPG is a member of the Guild of Ecologists and specializes on environmental designing and consulting.

J.-St.Co. O Plus K - Centre for Practical Geoecology (CPG) is private Russian environmental designing and investigation company of a new type. We perform a full range of environmental designing including engineering geodesy, engineering geology and environmental engineering; designing and related services.

In this work CPG initially bases on environmental preparation of designing and following environmental support of design decisions. This approach differs from traditional one, where the major part of the project is the project by itself but its environmental support is restricted by substantiation of already made and negotiated solutions only, and where environmental designing means to modify ready project to meet environmental protection law.




Our approach is entirely suitable for waste management projects (landfills, waste processing plants, waste water processing facilities and etc.).

Our fast implementation of work under integrated or specific orders along with known CPG's quality is provided by highly professional specialists who are 35 to 45 years old.

CPG combines protection of permanent team and education of personnel with employment of young specialists and close cooperation with leading Russian universities educating designers, environmentalists, geologists, hydrologists, soil experts, biologists and etc.

Right of our approach is confirmed by a successful development of CPG for over 10 years.


Kuala Lumpur. Power station slage


CPG performs integrated 'all from one hand' solutions. This allow us to provide lower price and prepare internally logical and coordinated project that is negotiated by all parties and ready to practical implementation.

CPG works on the all territory of the Russian Federation, from Sakhalin to Baltics, participates in international projects. We have all necessary licenses and successfully protect our projects in governmental bodies.

Permanent staff of the Center consists of 15 highly qualified engineers and managers, and of about 50 regularly invited experts. Our harmonious group works on the most modern equipment that provides a high reputation of our reports even among such exacting customers as biggest international oil and gas and mining corporations.

Working in close cooperation with Moscow State (Lomonosov) University and other known institutes, organizations and companies, CPG realized over 1000 projects. Among the most known CPG's works are environmental designs for Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2, Baltic Pipeline Consortium, pioneering design of integrated environmental monitoring for a city and big plant (Udmurtia), Methodical recommendations for EIA of underground constructions in Moscow, EIA for landfills construction in different regions and many other.

The Russian Green Pages project was also developed by CPG's specialists under assistance of ISC/USAID. This is the first Russian environmental business directory on the Internet. And in 1999 the Pages were awarded by Global Bangemann (Stockholm) Challenge Prize handled in Stockholm in the presence of His Majesty King of Sweden.




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Tel.: +7 (495) 660-1520

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